Tambacounda Hospital

The Tambacounda Hospital project aims at responding efficiently and flexibly to the present and future needs of the community. The system links existing buildings, becoming a hinge between orthogonal and circular ones. A system that ensures maximum comfort and maximum sustainability through the respect of the pre-existence and the creation of a shading system that maximizes the use of natural cooling systems. At the same time, a system with a strong visual identity, which characterizes the effect of shadows and lights in the interior space. Moreover the most characterizing element of the intervention is carried out by the community through the use of a local construction technique, so as to strengthen their sense of belonging to the hospital. The building is composed by a series of pavilions linked together through external covered and uncovered path. The project is conceived as a flexible, transformable and expandable model: It can also define the guidelines for the future extension of the healthcare structure. The hospital can indeed grow in the same way over time, according to specific needs.

Tambacounda, Senegal, Africa


Client: Josef and Anni Albers Foundation

Hospitality Concept



ospedaletambacounda piuarch 02

Josef Albers,"Provocative percussion vol.1", Command records, 1959.

ospedaletambacounda piuarch 03

Anni Albers Wallhanging, 1984 wool

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Brise soleil

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The extension retrains the inner courtyard of the historic complex by removing its canopy, which could be once again planted with trees. The project designs a covered common area between the extension and the new building, also meant for the arrival of the emergency vehicles.

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The extension project is based on a shading system created by a vertical layout, a permeable diaphragm, made of an emptied adobe brick with a trapezoidal shape. The brick is put in different ways, thus generating a dynamic façade.

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The vertical layout allows an uninterrupted viewing from the inside to the outside. It gives a useful screening against the solar radiation. It provides the environment with relevant shading and ensures a high-level comfort to patients, visitors and medical staff.

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Inside, the structure is interrupted to accommodate different sized patios, which are built around the existing trees, aiming at creating waiting areas overlooking the green zones using the natural shading system of plants.

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