Snam Headquarters

The concept focuses on people and how we will be working in the future, integrating a wide range of elements to accommodate tomorrow’s working needs: in addition to flexible and efficient offices, it will host various inclusive spaces dedicated to social interaction between people. The alternation of working environments with spaces dedicated to collaboration, creativity and innovation will also be accompanied by services that will help ensure high levels of wellbeing for people. A space where the office is no longer just a physical place of work, but a destination, a context in which to generate value and experience a sense of community.

The continuity of greenery between outdoor and indoor spaces will serve as an element promoting air quality in the working environment. Outside, a park of over 8,500 square metres, by landscape designer Antonio Perazzi, will be created and which includes a “verzura” theatre, which will also be open to the public for outdoor educational activities and events. A landscape with a recognisable design, innovative, ecological and at the same time very respectful of the environment.

Designed according to the highest standards of sustainability and comfort, the building will attain the most important national and international certifications in terms of energy efficiency (LEED & WELL which are of the same level as Gold, BRAVE, CENED and Casaclima).

Invited competition, first prize

Symbiosis, Milano, Italy

Client: Covivio / Snam

Area: 19.000 sqm


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A new environment that goes beyond the traditional work space, a place of relationships between people and landscapes.

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A horizontal and vertical succession of shared and working environments, a set of open and green spaces develops in, under and around the new building.

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The central sharing space for common activities.

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