Planeta Lem

The design project of Planet Lem multifunctional space is a combination of mechanical processes and personal insights and aims at reflecting Polish writer Stanislaw Lem's literary work. The linear and rational preexistence of the salt warehouse has been taken as an opportunity and a reference for the construction of the new building. The double-pitched roof is reproduced on the new structures and modified to meet the exhibition display requirements. The result is a building which merges with the existing structure and the urban context of the city of Krakow, generating a new outdoor open space within it. Around this central courtyard is the hall that conveys all the main functions of the center. On the ground floor there are all the exhibition rooms, separated by 3-meter high glass walls on vertical runners, which allow them to move upwards. This guarantees to create a homogeneous space of 1800 square meters, allowing different possible uses of the spaces. After the introductory space, the visitor is presented with the choice of two different pathways to access the rooms: The first one represents the thought of Lem's character, Trurl, which nurture the use of mechanics. In fact the galleries are accessed by a glass lift moving both horizontally and vertically. The second represents the thought of another character, Klaupacius, which instead impedes the use of robot and mechanics in order to favor the human instinct. The access to the galleries is achieved through an ascending ramp which develops in height in the lobby. Each of the itineraries lead to a different point, facilitating possible diverse solutions to setting up the exhibition, according to different logics.

Krakow, Polond


Client: Krakov Festival Office

Built Area: 10.000 sqm

Cultural Concept



planeta lem rif03

plac Świętej Marii MagdalenyKraków, Polond

planeta lem rif02c

The project originates from the reproduction of the preexisting building's geometric design.

planeta lem rif01

Stara SynagogaKraków, Polond

planeta lem 01

The multifunctional space is an urban fragment, which presents at its center a public space that resembles some of the most experienced urban spaces of Krakow city center in terms of size and proportions.

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All these spaces face a 20-meter-high lobby where all connecting solutions start. The introductory space is accessed through a stair leading down from the lobby. The staircase is designed so that it can be used for small group conferences or readings.

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