Office by the lake

The project for an office building is located on a land with specific features, it is in fact subject to risk of flooding due to its direct proximity to the lake. The need to raise the entire complex with respect to the level of the land suggested the first design solution. On the raised floor, a laminated-timber volume hosts the offices, organized and distributed on a single level. The wide glass façade creates a direct relationship between inside and outside. The articulated shape of the building, with its rhythm of geometric lines and different inclinations, is also shown in the roof profile. In fact it is defined by a sequence of spaces with different heights and rake angles, thus enhancing the view towards the landscape and ensuring the proper treatment of rain water, that is conveyed into the lake.

Lago Maggiore, Italy


Built area: 1400 mq




techbau piuarch 01

Eduardo Chillida. Advice to Space V (Consejo al espacio V). 1993

techbau piuarch 02

Eduardo Chillida. Sendotasun

techbau piuarch 03

Elevated section

tecbau 02

The shape of the building is in fact designed to achieve the best relationship with the context, enhancing the view towards the lake and the nature. The new headquarters designs an organic shape and consists of a linear building that adheres to an existing warehouse, while two blocks arise from the linear buildings with different angles and project themselves towards the wood.

techbau piuarch 06

A free plan which can be organized and later changed according to the needs. This kind of choice defines the quality of the workspace, together with natural light and the view of surrounding landscape from the inside.

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