Multipurpose complex with luxury apartments and hotel

The construction of the complex hosting apartments and the Hotel 5* allows the creation of a multifunctional building in the heart of Moscow, related with the rich surrounding. A building that thanks to its architecture, distributions of volumes and various functions, transparent and interconnected from different points, becomes a Gate of interconnectedness between the park and the city; the park gets inside the new building creating a vertical garden: Zelenie Vorota (Green Gate) is the synergic synthesis between the park and the city. Zelenie Vorota combines at the same volumetric body two different images, in harmony between each other. The Hotel overlooks the historical city and presents facades with a strongly urban approach, respectfully to the surrounding buildings. The building overlooking Zaryadye Park is characterized by a rich volumetric composition, it hosts Suites apartments oriented towards the Kremlin and the Moscow river.

Invited competition

Moscow, Russia


Client: Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Built area: 24.800 sqm

Leisure Housing



mandarin oriental hotel rif03

Sergej Michajlovič Ėjzenštejn 1925

mandarin oriental hotel rif02

Konstantin Stepanovič Melnikov 1927
Rusakov Workers' Club

mandarin oriental hotel rif01

Kasimir Malevich 1916
Dynamic Suprematism

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The building overlooking Zaryadye Park is characterized by a rich volumetric composition, with large windows opening facing the park proved multiple views.

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Zelenie Vorota related with the rich surrounding: from Kitai-Gorod Wall, to the complex of the Kremlin with the Red Square, till area along the Moscow River.

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The façade toward the city, a glass continuing wall, is characterized by a modular repeated element, that with its rhythm highlights the flexibility of the internal distribution and the views of the city.

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