Luxottica Headquarters

Located in Palazzo Litta complex, overlooking the Napoleonic park, the extension of Luxottica Headquarters attempts to establish a strong relationship with the context, proposing a new building smoothly located close to the historical complex. One of the project’s main focus concerns the building’s height that is decreased, in order to reduce the visual impact, yet enhancing the quality of the construction site. Other design strategies are as well used to achieve the same purpose. For instance, the existing lobby is extended with a permeable space, providing a direct connection between the urban outdoor and the inner garden; furthermore, a part of the new volume is reduced close to the existing building, thus generating rooftop gardens and patios. The courtyard of the C-shape building plan acts as a hub and hosts the connection system, with horizontal and vertical paths that link the new floors to the existing ones. The façade is completely made of glass and reflects the garden, creating a link between interior and exterior, ensuring the best quality to the working space.

Milan, Italy


Client: Luxottica Group S.p.A.

Built area: 4800 sqm




luxottica piuarch 02

Creating courtyard and inner gardens

luxottica piuarch 04

Project volume

luxottica piuarch 03

Strip-shaped space distribution system

luxottica piuarch 05

The main entrance opens to the outside with glaze windows and greenery connecting fluidly with the surroundings.

luxottica piuarch 06

The courtyard acts as a hub with horizontal and vertical passages that link the new floors to the existing ones.

luxottica piuarch 07

The glass façade gives brightness by relating the interiors with the outdoor garden.

luxottica piuarch 09

The transparency of the architectural skin offers a great livability of the workspace.

luxottica piuarch 08

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