Givenchy Flagship Store

The new Givenchy boutique is realized in close collaboration with the Maison’s artistic director, Riccardo Tisci.
The flagship store leans from a smaller glazed body, the facade is a second embossed skin, evocation of the distinctive design style ‘T CUT’, that characterizes the identity of the Maison in the neighborhood.The embossed metal sheet of the façade, creates an effect that changes depending on the light and the surrounding landscape, the design is inspired by the Optical Art and techniques of fabrics. In the interior the use of natural materials - marble and basalt stone - new furnishings and new articulations of space, create a new environment that enhances the character of Givenchy.

© Kyungsub Shin



Cheongdam Dong - Seoul

Floor Area: 404 Sqm

Client: Givenchy Group

Retail Leisure



givenchy rif03

Lucio Fontana 1962
“Concetto spaziale”

givenchy rif01

Alberto Biasi
“L’irragiungibile tartaruga”

givenchy rif02

Enrico Castellani 1959
“Superficie Nera”

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piuarch givenchy 03

View from the road, the transparency of the glass creates a strong contrast to the volume above, the undulating mirrored steel panels reflect the dynamic cityscape and natural light.

piuarch givenchy 04

The boutique has an area of about 400 square meters on three levels and offers an exhibition of women's fashion, accessories, and men's fashion.

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piuarch givenchy 06

The panels of the façade are square modules size 110x110 cm. Each module has five holes and four protrusions, each one move 8 cm forward/backwards from the plan of the front panel.

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piuarch givenchy 08

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