Dolce&Gabbana Offices

The Milan offices and showroom of Dolce & Gabbana is the result of a careful process of consolidation and remodelling of the two adjacent buildings, one dating from the 1920s and the other from the 1960s. The façade of the most recent building has been completely redone in glass, its rhythm marked out by a series of vertical blinds in opal glass. With five floors above ground and two below, the complex hosts the offices and meeting rooms in the older building, while the newer structure contains the open-space showrooms, which occupy three floors, with the top floor consisting of small terraces created by the configuration of the volumes of the restaurant. The project is based on an architectural principle of great rigor, with the use of natural materials like white Namibia stone, glass and unfinished steel sheet.

© Andrea Martiradonna
© Matteo Piazza
© Alberto Piovano
© Ruy Teixeira

Milan, Italy

2005 / 2006 – Built

Client: Dolce&Gabbana S.r.l.

Built area: 5.000 sqm




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Damien Hirst
Some comfort gained from the acceptance of the inherent lies in everything.

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La Hechicera ULA


The contrast between volumes upon which the design plays is very effective, enabling the two structures, one classical and one contemporary, to carry on a perfectly harmonious dialogue between themselves and with the surrounding urban context.


View of the main entrance.


The ground floor opens onto an interior courtyard paved with white stones bordered by sinuously contoured garden areas.


Facing the internal courtyard is the new structure that connects the two buildings, faced entirely in glass and articulated by the sheet metal of the staircases inside.


The recessed volumes of the top floor free up areas that become small terraces, onto which all the interior spaces face.


The project is based on an architectural principle of great rigor, with the use of natural materials, glass and unfinished steel sheet.


The façade of the building is completely sheathed in glass, its tight rhythm marked out by vertical louvers in opal glass.

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