Bank Transylvania Headquarters

The Bank Transylvania Headquarters is located east to the city centre area of Cluj Napoca. The new representative offices aim to provide an architectonic and functional landmark to the city. The project is divided in three main parts: the main entrance body on Calea Dorobantj, the inner square and the L-shaped offices, all characterized by hanging gardens facing the offices on east and south façades. On the north and west sides there are the main vertical and horizontal connections between the offices, these façades are characterized by interior green terraces and relax areas. The entrance body is divided with bank offices, lobby, auditorium and cafeteria. The remaining perimeter of the building is compromised with terraces and green spaces to better relate to its surroundings. This aspect is further enhanced guaranteeing a continuity between the building curtain and the adjacent buildings. On the ground floor walkaway to the inner square recalls the courtyards of the historic city palaces. These three main areas incorporate zones for employees like the canteen and the gym. Some areas are instead open to the public, as the auditorium, the cafeteria and the exhibition area. The three-floor basement includes technical areas, storages and a 250-space parking area. The building has some characteristics that recall the typical architecture of the city, for instance its covering aims to be a contemporary re-interpretation of traditional pitched roofs.

Cluj Napoca, Romania


Client: Bank Transylvania

Built area: 8600 sqm




bancatransilvania piuarch 08

Strada Iuliu Maniu Cluj-Napoca

bancatransilvania piuarch 02

Matthias Corvinus House

bancatransilvania piuarch 03

Museum's Square Cluj-Napoca

bancatransilvania piuarch 06

The mutual spaces are characterized by green and relax areas.

bancatransilvania piuarch 05

On the ground floor, among the glazed volumes, a square opens up recalling the courts of the historic buildings of the city.

bancatransilvania piuarch 07

The large windows guarantee brightness to the interior and a continuous view of the city.

bancatransilvania piuarch 01

The facade of the main entrance is meant to guarantee continuity with the adjacent buildings.

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