The contemporary reinterpretation of EUR rationalist building, with its "white" buildings and the wide green spaces, is the response to the theme of the project for the Telecom Headquarters. The project consists of two parts: the wood-base and white towers. At the base, a large forest as tall as the coverage of the lower buildings. Tall buildings are white volumes that appear on this green stand, from which they seem to be generated. Telecom Corporate Identity creates a facade design that takes as formal reference geometry due to the network. All parts of the project will reunite with the desire to give a strong identity to the complex through its façades, the Headquarters Telecom is iconic in the city.



  • Invited competition
  • Rome, Italy
  • 2015
  • Client: Telecom Italia
  • Built area: 48.000 sqm
    • Offices


telecom rif01

Concept for the façades

telecom rif02 01

The forest and the towers: the two characters of the project


telecom 02

The white glass coating remembers the monumentality of rationalist buildings in marble and travertine of the surroundings. The perforated white mask screen printing allows a complete view from the inside with a "solar screen" effect.

telecom 02

The redefinition of compositional elements as the base, the ground floor, the porch, the views, the building envelope, interior spaces has led to an architecture capable at the same time to establish a relationship with the context and to affirm its identity.

telecom 03

At the ground floor, between the three towers, there is a new glass volume for the entrance and distribution. Thank to its organic form, it becomes part of the natural landscape.

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