Focus the project on the context analysis is the particularity that characterizes Piuarch. Understand and read the space in an original way is the result of a process focused on the existing values of the field, it is the stylistic signature of this collective, that counts 40 architects and engineers nowadays. This working group has pursued concepts quality, an expressive independence, a not repeated style and the ability to define the space in original ways. Starting from the context means looking around, not only into the physical environment but also into artistic and cultural references, respecting the historical architecture, considering the places in their specificity and identity, developing an architecture integrated with the site and that can interpret the contemporary functions. Piuarch’s research focuses on environmental, cultural, economic, social and artistic quality, considering every reference an element to build a new architectural vision, Piuarch interpretes the whole to model forms and volumes that are always contemporary.

In our project approach, architecture is always related with the context, the individual building is always seen first as a part of the whole. Every building must dialog with the history, features and needs of a particular place and time. Meanwhile our architecture is modern, it uses a contemporary language, but always takes its cue from the specific character of the site. We design buildings with a strong identity, which enrich the urban fabric in which it is included, at the same time respecting it”.



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