Piuarch celebrates opening of M89 Hotel in Milan

2.500 sqm, 50 double rooms, 5 suite and a panoramic restaurant on the top floor: these are the main features of M89 Hotel, a new four-star destination opened in May 2017 in Milan. The building faces the factory halls that one hundred ago hosted one of the leading aviation companies and which are now home to Gucci, after a meticulous renovation and expansion project by Piuarch. The dialogue with the surrouding urban fabric also defines the project: the ground floor features a wide glass wall with a metal grate, at the same height of the industrial buildings as an ideal extension of the permeable façade on the street. The roof, instead, reinterprets the industrial shed system in a contemporary way while the grey façade establishes a visual connection with the six-storey tower of the new Gucci Headquarters. Inside, the design is essential and is based on an elegant contrast between anthrax grey, white, green and walnut.
May 2017

Piuarch’s latest green projects at Green City Milano 2017

Piuarch will take part in Green City Milano 2017 with the latest projects for the Chicago and Sao Paulo architecture biennials and its own rooftop garden, realized with the landscape designer Cornelius Gavril. Scheduled from September 22 to 24, the third edition of the festival is an opportunity for the architecture practice to present some international proposals, linked together with the idea of a network. Piuarch office will thus host an exhibition about green projects during the three days. The projects show how agriculture could globally act as a chance to get urban and social redevelopment.
September 22th - 24th, 2017

Piuarch joins the Milano Arch Week

Lectures, tours to the most important architectures of the city, workshop and photography exhibitions. Piuarch joins the dynamic program of the Milano Arch Week, scheduled from 12 to 18 June, and opens the office to the public on Friday, June 16th from 1 to 6 pm.
2017, June 16th - Milan

Piuarch joins the program “Open studio”

The Piuarch office will be open to the public on Friday, May 26, from 10 pm to 7 pm for the “Open studio” initiative, promoted by the Department of Promotion of Architectural Culture and the Architect figure of the CNAPPC.
2017, May 26 - Milan

Piuarch’s urban vision at the 3° edition of “Festival dell’Architettura”

How will the city of the future be? Or, rather, how will the cities of the future be in different countries? The growth of the city is the main focus of the third edition of “Pugliarch2017_Tomorrow City”, the architecture event that will take place in Bari, at Fortino S. Antonio (lungomare Imperatore Augusto - via Manfredi) from 16 to 18 May. The lecture schedule will include the participation of Monica Tricario, Piuarch partner, for Wednesday, May 17 at 5.30 pm. She will discuss about the topic “Participating city vs corporate city” with Luca Gibello, director of “Il Giornale dell’Architettura” and Alessandro Melis, Architect and Professor at the “Univerisy of Portsmouth”.
2017, May 17th - Bari

A discussion about renovation in the historical city: the case of Piazza Cordusio

“Renovations in the historical city: the case of Piazza Cordusio in Milan” is the title of the seminar scheduled for Wednesday, May 3rd at 6 pm at Assimpredil Ance headquarters (via San Maurilio 3, Milan). Gino Garbellini will be part in the discussion and will illustrate the Piuarch project for the redevelopment of the former Unicredit complex, whose construction will start in a few months.

2017, May 3rd Milan

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