The new Headquarters of the Kering Asia Pacific Group is located in Shanghai and consist of 1.760 square meters of offices. The departments and the group's brands, distributed on two floors, are housed inside the Garden Square tower, a skyscraper near the shopping street Nanjing road. The project effectively meets two needs: flexibility and recognition of the departments. To achieve this, the project aims to maximize the open space areas, freeing up the plans from support functions such as meetings, training and services, which are grouped in "islands", located near the core of the building. The islands unhinge the concept of corridor, transforming the distribution space in a path marked by a sequence of full and empty volumes that amplify the spatial variety. The choice of different colours, in the furniture and in panels of the support areas, promote the recognizability of the departments, with discretion and elegance.



  • Shanghai, China
  • 2015
  • Client: Kering Group
  • Built area: 1.760 sqm
    • Offices



Bamboo forest


Shoji screens



The functional cores, characterized by fluid and harmonics forms, are identified from the cover in cherry wood louvers.


The space between the louvers is coloured in three shades - red, gray, blue - to make recognizable the functions of the different islands.


The project offers a very simple, elegant space, able to accommodate the offices of the different brands of the Group.


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