The building, with an area of 4500 sq meters, contains the division of prototypes and production of leather accessories. Large windows and wooden facings reflect the great naturalistic value of the context, facilitating direct relations with the outdoors. The offices and workshops face a typical Sicilian garden created on a bed of black lava stone. The project also involves environmental renewal of an overall area of 46,000 sq meters between the building and the Arno.

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  • Incisa in Val d’Arno, Florence, Italy
  • 2000 / 2001 – Built
  • Client: Dolce&Gabbana S.r.l.
  • Built area: 4.500 mq
    • Offices


concept 01







dgf 02

The building that host the offices and leatherworking facility has a façade defined by wood and glass panels, that create a formal contrast with the concrete.

dgf 03

The production facilities of Dolce&Gabbana are situated in the hills of Tuscany on the banks of the River Arno.

dgf 02
dgf 03
dgf 05

The structure that will serve as a warehouse is realized with exposed prefabricated concrete panels.

dgf 06

The windows look onto a grove of pomegranate, agave and Mediterranean palm trees planted in a bed of black volcanic rock.

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